I founded my own firm for the purpose of helping individuals, families and business owners with their most personal needs.  My clients come from a diverse background but all have one thing in common - they are concerned about preserving everything that they have worked hard for and to provide for their loved ones and their communities.  By listening to closely to my clients' concerns and hopes, I am able to educate and counsel them throughout their lives.

I grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and attended Boston College.   After graduation, I moved to New York and attended St. John's University School of Law.  I worked for several years as a litigator where I witnessed firsthand the abuses of the legal system as well as the inefficiencies of the courts.  It was my experience as a litigator which inspired me to open my own firm and focus on clients who wanted to help themselves and their families. 

I am proud to be a member of WealthCounsel, a nationwide network of leading estate and business planning attorneys.  As a WealthCounsel member, I am able to offer my clients access to attorneys in every state and can address the clients' needs no matter where they own property or have interests.  I am often asked to collaborate with other attorneys throughout the United States to assist with their clients' needs in New York.  

I live on Long Island with my wife and three boys.  When I am not with clients, you will most likely find me at a swimming pool or ice rink with my sons and their travel teams.  

How we Assist Clients

By getting to know what matters most to my clients and by creating a unified legal, tax, philanthropic and business plan, the Constable Law Firm can:

  • Increase your control of assets during your lifetime in the event of disability or incapacity;
  • Guard against the loss of your assets and life's work due to attacks from creditors and predators;
  • Enable you to pass along your values and vision to your heirs;
  • Maximize the privacy of your family and business affairs;
  • Substantially reduce taxes and maximize the amount transferred to beneficiaries;
  • Eliminate the need for multiple probate proceedings, attorney and court fees in all states where assets are owned

Team Approach

We are often introduced to our clients by other advisers such as CPAs, financial advisers, and insurance professionals.  We take pride in our collaborative approach to providing for all aspects of a client's needs.